Human Resources Consulting

HR Law Consultants is a San Francisco based employment law and human resources consulting firm, founded by Jane Kow in 2002, which specializes in providing legal advice, consulting, and training on all aspects and phases of the employment relationship, from hiring to termination. We have clients that are located all over California and we also service clients whose headquarters are overseas or out of state, but have regional operations based in California.

Legal Advice/Human Resources Consulting

HR Law Consultants helps employers to develop and implement sound personnel policies and practices to reduce the risk of lawsuits by employees. Our California human resources consultants develop all kinds of customized forms, policies and procedures for use by Human Resources personnel, including: Employee Handbooks, personnel policies, performance evaluation forms, template HR forms for use with managing employees’ time off (vacation, sick time, paid time off, personal leaves), disability or medical leaves and requests for reasonable accommodations, work-at-home and telecommuting arrangements, meal period waivers, and alternative work week arrangements, make-up time requests), to name a few. We also prepare executive employment contracts and independent contractor agreements tailored for clients’ specific arrangements and needs.

Customized Training

HR Law Consultants designs and provides guidance and customized employment law compliance training on a variety of topics, including legal issues of supervision, performance management and documentation practices, wage and hour audits, sexual harassment prevention, managing employee leave of absences and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities, conducting workplace investigations and restricting employee social media use in the workplace.

Workplace Investigations

HR Law Consultants conducts workplace and EEO investigations on behalf of employers, and provides training and guidance on how to conduct effective internal investigations into harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other workplace complaints. The firm has over ten years experience conducting a variety of independent investigations on behalf of employers in diverse industries and workplaces, including discrimination and harassment based on sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, race/color, national origin, and age.

Workplace Audits

HR Law Consultants conducts workplace audits to ensure compliance with recordkeeping and poster requirements, documentation practices, and compliance with EEO and wage and hour laws.  Our California human resources consultants help employers determine whether workers are properly classified as independent contractors or employees and whether employees are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt, and will help them to communicate necessary workforce adjustments to employees’ status upon discovery of a misclassification aimed at minimizing the risk of further liability.