Investigations & Audits

Effective workplace investigations dissuade employees from bringing lawsuits and minimize the risk of liability after a lawsuit is filed. Employers who do not ensure that a trained and licensed professional conduct a prompt, thorough and objective investigations into employee complaints, do so at their own peril.

HR Law Consultants provides a wide range of workplace investigation services and specializes in complex investigations. For the past decade, Jane Kow, the firm’s principal, has conducted a variety of workplace investigations on behalf of employers in a range of industries and workplace settings, including: automobile, media, food distribution, restaurant, aerospace, oil and chemical engineering, utility, technology, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, non-profit, religious, education, health care administration, law enforcement, and legal (law firms and law departments of public agencies). These investigations have examined a range of workplace misconduct, discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims raised by employees of diverse backgrounds as summarized here (click on each topic heading below for a summary of investigations conducted by HR Law Consultants):

HR Law Consultants also conducts workplace audits to ensure compliance with record keeping and poster requirements, documentation practices, and compliance with EEO and wage and hour laws. We help employers determine whether workers are properly classified as independent contractors or employees and whether employees are properly classified as exempt or non-exempt under federal and state laws, and will help guide them on how to correct any misclassification errors and how to communicate necessary changes to the workforce aimed at minimizing the risk of further liability.